Thrust tapered roller bearing


Item name:Thrust tapered roller bearing

Description: Thrust tapered roller bearings can form axial compact bearing assembly. This type of bearings can accommodate heavy axial load but not sensitive to impact load. The bearings have a good rigidity.

Thrust tapered roller bearings enable axially very compact bearing arrangements to be produced which can carry very heavy axial loads, are insensitive to shock loads and are stiff. They are used for rolling mill screw-down arrangements.

Thrust tapered roller bearings can only carry axial loads and limit axial displacement .So they can be generally used as axial locating bearings. Compared with thrust cylindrical roller bearings, the well-designed large flange of the tapered roller thrust roller bearing can offer the correct guidance of the rollers and the relative slippage is lower.

The tapered rollers (with larger spherical end) of these bearings are guided precisely by the integral flanges of the washers (shaft washer and housing washer) with raceways. When extended, the design makes the tapered raceway surfaces of the shaft washer and housing washer and the sliding surface of the rollers converge towards to the same single point on the axle.

Single direction bearings can carry axial load in one direction. Double direction bearings can carry axial load in two directions.

The middle washer of double direction bearings is connected with the shaft,but due to the clearance inside, a sleeve must be used to fix the middle washer in the axial direction.

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