Thrust self-aligning roller bearing

Item name:Thrust self-aligning roller bearing

Application:Petroleum drilling, Hydroelectric generator, Vertical motor, Propeller shaft, Tower crane, Extruder, etc.

Description:Thrust self-aligning roller bearings have self-aligning functions and the rollers are spherical. These bearings are featured by the extremely big axial load carrying capacity and meanwhile they can also carry certain radial load,but the radial load can not exceed the 55% of axial load.

Thrust self-aligning roller bearings can be dismantled. The parts of the bearings can be fitted separately. Axial spherical roller bearings can support very high axial loads and permit relatively high speeds. The outer ring raceway of this bearing is spherical, with the center of the radius located on the bearing axis, providing a self-alignment capability. This bearing incorporates a 45o contact angle that enables the bearing to support large axial loads and moderate radial loads. These bearings incorporate an improved internal design that allows relatively high-speed operation.

Thrust self-aligning roller bearings seems that the tight circle, roller and cage are locked with the bush as an inseparable unit. Actually, its flexible circle can be separable from the unit, And for the upper bearings in vertical installation and those that locate on the ends of bearing in horizontal installation, its pressed bolt is required to back a certain distance (0.2-1mm) after the cover is compressed tightly. Thus we can avoid bearing stuck caused by too small clearance.

But it will lead to the separation between tight circle parts and flexible circle when clearance is large. Therefore, the proper pre-tightening plays a role of keeping the correct position of rolling element in raceway through preventing the slip brought from its rotation and revolution.

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