Thrust ball bearing


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Item name:Thrust ball bearing

Model:51000, 52000, 53000 and etc. Example:51148/517/1035 and etc.


Thrust Ball Bearings are applied to machine elements which bear single side axial load and with the lower the mechanical speed, such as crane hooks, immediately water pumps, immediately centrifuges, jacks, low-speed reducer , etc.

Description: Thrust ball bearing is made up of housing ring, axis ring and steel ball maintains module. Which is match for axis is called axis ring, which is match for shell is called housing ring.

According to the condition of accepting force, there are one-way thrust ball bearing and double-way thrust ball bearing. One-way thrust ball bearing can endure one-way axial load, and double-way thrust ball bearing can be subject to bi-directional load. Thrust ball bearing can not stand the radial load, the extreme rotation speed is very low.

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