Angular contact ball bearing


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Item name:Angular contact ball bearing

Model:70000C series, 70000AC series, 70000B series, B70000 C-2RZ series, B70000 AC-2RZ series, B70000 C-2RZ/HQ1 series, B70000 AC-2RZ/HQ1 series, 70000 C (AC,B) / DB series, 70000 C (AC,B)/DF series, 70000 C (AC,B)/DT series, etc.

Application: Machine tool spindle, High frequency motor, Gas turbine, Centrifuge, Oil pump, Roots blower, Air compressor, Transmission, Printing machinery

Description: Angular contact ball bearing can withstand radial load and axial load simultaneously, as well as the pure axle loads. They have higher limit speed. High precision and high speed bearings usually take 15 degrees contact Angle. The contact angle decide the capacity of axial load. Retainers are made of brass, synthetic resins or others subject to individual bearing features and application conditions.

Single-row angular contact ball bearings can accommodate axial load in one direction, if enduring radial load, it will raise additional axial force. And only limited axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction. The contact angle of angular contact ball bearings is 40, so you can afford a large axial load. Design of angular contact ball bearing is non-separable, shoulder height on both sides of the inners and outer rings are different. In order to increase the bearing load capacity, lower one side of the shoulder, so that the bearing can be mounted into more balls.

Pairs of angular contact ball bearings can accommodate radial loads as the principal combined radial and axial bi-directional load or under purely radial load. Tandem configuration can only take a single direction axial load, other configurations can be subjected to either direction of axial loads. This type of bearings are generally submitted by manufacturers combine matching users, pre-loading interference after installation, rings and balls of steel in the axial pre-load state, thus improving the supporting stiffness and running accuracy of bearing the whole group as a single.

Type of structural deformation of double row angular contact ball bearing

Characteristics of double-row angular contact ball bearings can be also subjected to combined load of radial and axial load, limit the axial displacement of the axis of the two.

Compared with the double direction thrust ball bearings, the limit speed of this bearing is higher. The contact angle is 32 degrees, good rigidity, which can bear the overturning moment. It is widely used in the front wheel of the car (some models also used the same dimensions of double row tapered roller bearings).

Structural deformation of double row angular contact ball bearing:

Type A: Outer diameter less than or equal to 90mm bearings of standard design. No filling slots, so it can withstand the same axial load of bi-directional. The temperature increase is very small with a light weight glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage.

Type A: Outer diameter is greater than the 90mm bearings of standard design. Filling slots on one side, with Z steel or brass cage of solid cage.

Type E: A reinforced structure, with filling slots on one side, and can fit into more of the balls, thus higher carrying capacity.

With shields on both sides and both sides with sealing ring type . A-design and E-design of double row angular contact ball bearings are available with shields on both sides (non-contact) or seals (contact). Sealed bearings are filled with a rust-proof lithium based grease, operating temperature usually between-30 degrees to 110 degrees. It does not need lubrication during use, no longer heating while installation.

Pay attention to double row angular contact ball bearing while installation, although the bearings may withstand the bi-directional axial load, when filling slots on one side, you should be careful not to let the main axial load through a gap in the side of the ditch.

Suffix definition:

B: Modified internal structure

MP: Machined window-type brass cage

TVP: Cage of glass fiber reinforced polyamide

UA: Generic structure design for mounting bearings, small axial bearing

UO: Generic structure design for mounting bearings, zero axial clearance of bearing

DA: Double-row angular contact ball bearings

TVH: Cage of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, guided by steel balls

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